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Batty Times

There are times when the world does seem to have gone batty. This summer was no exception. Whilst working on proposals to repair a listed building in North Somerset we needed to take account of the possible effect the works would have on the resident bat population. As a protected species any proposal that may affect their habitat would require approval from English Nature and this may require alterations to the extent of works that originally may have been envisaged.

To determine what species were within the building and in what numbers surveys had to be conducted by the clients appointed expert. We volunteered to assist in this important data gathering exercise. We then found out that dawn and dusk visits were required - so as the alarm calls went off at 2.30am for a 3.15am meet on site the offer of help was temporarily regretted!

The reward of seeing these creatures swarming before entering their roosts was worth the disturbed nights'' sleep and helped us appreciate how the works we were being asked to undertake could affect these protected creatures.

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